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Follow your steps and you will find
the unknown ways are in your mind,
need nothing else than just your pride to get there.
So carry on,
it's time to forget
the remains from the past
to carry on.
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Sanity brings up the sadness that keeps your illusions locked in a little box.
Fright comes, you find yourself lonely in a cage of conclusions
crowding your mind.
You sit back bowing your head,
every answer "yes".
Why don't you trust me and shed out your fears.
Running over,
the tears you've contained now cover up your eyes.
"Is it good for you?"
I will be here when fire burns!
Inside your heart.
Climb up the hills and mountains,
don't forget what you've learned!
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Simple minded brain for now you succumb,
nothing changes your way.
This world insists to be the same,
based on our mistakes.
The flowers fade along the road,
don't blindfold your eyes,
so loneliness becomes the law of a senseless life.
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Don't let clouds hide the sun,
don't runaway cos' you can't hide from thunder.
Cold sweat glistening on your brow.
The rains will come crashing down.
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But now no matter what I say, just look at the fireworks!
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Trovate 6 frasi: visualizzo da 1 a 5 (pagina 1).
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